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- Welcome to the Covenant Presbyterian Church of Izmail web site. You can read more about our shared beliefs in our statement of faith page. It will give you basic system of doctrine that our church has.


- The ministries section will give you up-to-date information about our ministries of the church. This information will be changing periodically as the structure of our church adopts to the needs of the congregation and the community.


- Click the history page to review the background of our church and it's history. Use this link if you want to have more insight into our church's past. You are interested in this section if you are planning a visit here!


- The photos section has a small photo gallery of the church, it's people and ministries. If you have been here and feel nostalgic... Welcome.


- The strategic section has in it the strategy and vision of us as a church.


- The recent page has a blog of the recent events. The date of the recent events and plans update can be seen on the top of the page.


- Use the downloads page to download applications and articles, archived with WinZip.


Be sure to contact us if you have any questions. We hope you will find our site useful■



Our country is now experiencing the times of the changes. The new democratic power is struggling against the old corrupt government. Please pray for the democracy to win!



In Izmail, the pro-democratic are a minority, even though almost all the Protestants are for the democracy, for sure.



Pray for the Lord's mercy for Ukraine!


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