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  Here you can download some of our documents and data files:

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Angst - an article dedicated to the feeling of "fear and inadequacy", common to the people today and where this tendency comes from. Includes the short study of existential view and Kirkegaard. File Zipped.


Barrs collection - a collection of the articles written by prof. Jerram Barrs, who continues the tradition of Dr. Francis Shaeffer on postmodernity and how to share faith in this age. The articles include: Postmodernity, Reflections, SharingFaith. Sorry! Elements removed for space economy!


sPixel - my own piece of software for viewing the images (Zipped). Has a very friendly interface, and is free. If you do not want to use the proprietary soft on that, you are free to use it. It requires the file comctl32.ocx (Zipped) to be unzipped and placed in the program's folder for it to run well. Download the program first, and if it says the file's missing, download the file. Sorry! OCX element removed for space economy! You can still download the element from Microsoft (

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