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Last renewed 14 Dec 2004


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The Church Strategy has been composed. Our general thrust, according to such passages as Ehesians 4, will be both internal and external ministries.  In the realm on the internal ministries, our main goal will be to edify the body so it could minister to it's needs and the needs of the city. We recognize that the first need of the city of Izmail is of course, Grace.


- SAVE LIFE MINISTRY (Life Care Center) is a semi-autonomous ministry of the church that seeks to bring about preventive help and education in the areas of family and sexual upbringing. It's main goal is to prevent as many abortions as possible and share the saving faith of Christ. Responsible person - Snezhana.


- ENGLISH COURSES is a ministry seeking to lead people to Christ through the free English courses. Responsible persons - Luda and Rayu Alexei.


- DEPENDENCY and CODEPENDENCY MINISTRY is a ministry that seeks to aid the dependent and the codependent utilizing the "12 Steps" method. Responsible person - Lena. (NOTE: The ministry has temporarily been suffering for organizational reasons. Please pray for the Lord's guidance and for Him to provide for the room and the materials required).


- ADOPTION MINISTRY in our church is a branch of the West-Ukraine ministry "The New Hope" that utilizes the sponsorship from the States to support foster homes in Izmail. Responsible person - Angela.


There will be more information as the church is renewed■


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