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Last renewed 14 Dec 2004


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04 July 2004 - The two minsters, Andrey and Alexei have just returned form the seminary (ERSU). Hopefully, this has been their last session.


11 July 2004 - We are now working on the church strategy. We have a group of the "key persons" of the church work on it. We are also working on the renovation of the building, awaiting the team from Alabama coming on the 19th of July.


30 July 2004 - The Alabama team from Birmingham left. A room has been repaired. We enjoyed the fellowship. We are very thankful to the Lord for you, people!!!


14 September 2004 - Anatoly Tarasyk has been taken to leadership team. We are very glad that the team has grown and will help him to grow to his aspiration to become a teaching elder.


01 November 2004 - The composing of the strategy has been finished. The dates will now be additionally developed and then the strategy can be approved.


15 November 2004 - Art and Sharon Scotts have been at Izmail. As usual, their visit has been helpful to educate the ministers as well as people.



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