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Here you can see the basic outline of our strategy

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The Strategy of the CPCI has the thrust for growth. There are three periods of time that the Strategy considers - the first year, and then the next two periods of time composed of 5 years. The aspiration of the first year is growth and development, and the next goals are self-propagation of the Kingdom.


In the first year, 2005, the CPCI is to grow twice. This is supposed to be achieved by each member bringing at least one person to Christ within the year. The local offices and positions are to be secured within this time.


The principles of the Strategy are that every Church member has gifts that must be used and that the general desire for the Church should lie outside the Church - directed to the Lord in worship and to the lost in Evangelism. We also understand that the Church must be well edified for this end and watered with prayer and supplication.


The yearly plan has been developed to include all the general events in the Body for the coming year.Our big needs are (listed in oreder):

1. Male leaders for offices.

2. Male and female leaders and ministers.

3. Youth group and Teens Group organizer/leader.

4. Deacons


Please pray for those needs as the Lord leads you.




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    The CPCI Strategy Team




●The Strategy Plan for the years 2005-2010 presupposes mass self-propagation. First it is planned to open two more churches in Izmail, and then to move outside the city.

     The plans seem ambitious, but we trust in the Lord and remember the saying: "Aim at the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land somewhere among the stars."

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